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Tutorial 3 - 21/06/19 + Process May-July

In my recent tutorial with Jonathan I shared some of the practical experiments I’ve undertaken in the past couple of months which had not been published here - for that reason I have developed a short video to summarise my activity. I find documenting my process in this way to be advantageous in that it demands reflection in even the piecing together of the bare material (scans, screenshots, photographs), clarifying progress made and action to be taken. Through questioning the ways in which I see the project developing in relation to the lenses I am applying to my research and building a vocabulary through which to communicate, our discussion helped clarify the skeleton of my intention as to form methods of communicating a narrative rooted in identity and personal experience utilising multiple languages (written, material, digital); informed but essentially speculative rather than didactic. This is a continuous exploration through metaphor and poetic association between specific fields (neurology, geology, technology) that pivot around the ‘fixed’ point of home, represented by the ‘shed’ (a basic symbolic reference to Aristotle’s storehouse theory) a place which all of these explorations which are represented in different forms (text, manipulations of text as visual form, rendering, contact prints, video, 360° AR/VR) return to and fold into. I am taking the opportunity this week at the beginning of my summer break from work to consolidate and reflect, to update my project proposal, and to identify key action points for development moving forward.

Paste By Numbers / 'Inseparate' / MA Summer Shows

I am delighted to be featured in Round 1 of Paste by Numbers - an exhibition in Hull of large-format poster-printed interpretations of the number 1. My piece draws from the pivot point of my ongoing project - the question of ‘home’, and consists of a halftone-processed cut-out of a Native American tipi. Beneath the tipi is the iOS share icon.

The short video piece I submitted for the 1st Years Interim Show, ‘Inseparate’ began as a series of manipulations of old family photographs cut in half and mirrored to become symmetrical. The first of these I made to accompany the recent write-up of my conversation with Naiara Demnitz. On a basic level here I had Rorschach tests in mind, the internal and the external, using the ‘shed’/home symbol I produced in connection to the CG rendering project and had laser-cut and printed, as a frame around the photographs which fade very slowly into one another over the 6 minutes of the animation. Over the photographs I placed a dark sphere which hovers and dissolves almost imperceptibly and obscures the already elusive detail of the image - a kind of ‘blind spot’ - the opposite of a spotlight, the pursuit of information with a function inverted, a struggle to reconcile fragments of image and memory together and a small analogy for dementia. The blurry rotating circles at the beginning of the video are manipulations of glass lantern slides showing x-rays from a human skull.

I am very grateful to those that installed the piece in the space at Camberwell, and was excited to see how it had been presented when I visited at the weekend - I did not expect the loop across 3 screens and this is actually something that I think holds potential for exhibiting similar works in the future - in terms of my piece it seemed to make a kind of sense, the blue light which Janet described as reading like a reference to the digital in itself (additive, processing), glowing and fading, slow firings, ahead and behind, drew attention to the time-bound nature of the work.

I found the MA Summer Shows to have been full of strong work and sensitively curated. I have since been thinking about practicalities of installation and logistics - what exactly might be possible, and as I push forward practically bearing in mind the advice Alejandro reiterated at the VR workshop in February - keep your work concise physically and practically, particularly in terms of technology, in order for it to be received most effectively - important in terms of AR/VR or film.