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A reflective journal of my practice, process, and thoughts.

Returning to Beginnings

Thank you for visiting my journal. This week marked the beginning of my study on the MA Fine Art Digital course at Camberwell, and I am so excited to investigate a number of questions I’ve wanted to explore in my practice for a long time - to seek collaboration, and dialogue. I would like to use this journal not solely to document my process, but as a space in which I can ask questions of you, and you can ask questions of me and my practice.

Landscape in terms of both psychogeography and geology is occupying my mind a lot right now. ‘As above, so below’. I live and work in Hull and the surrounding area, which is situated on the River Humber, and the 'waterland' that my ancestors have farmed on for generations is working it's way back into the forefront of my memory, as the land itself crumbles rapidly into the sea here on the East Yorkshire coast. The gaps in those memories are the parts I'm maybe the most interested in…

My practice is interdisciplinary though this is something I am keen to develop. Primarily I utilise printmaking, often in it's broadest sense or pushing the notion of what could be considered print, to spark poetic associations between subjects. Subjects such as museology and the agenda of the museum as a voice and authority, and recently curious developments in relationships between geological change and migration politics, have become threads of my practice. The digital plays a huge role in my work in terms of design and manipulation of information, but I feel I can extend my knowledge of new digital technologies so much further, and this is one of my overall objectives, to explore entirely new ground, and question the nature of making in the digital age much moreso than I have to date.

Starting an MA now, ten years since I began my bachelors, is a wonderful feeling. I don’t know where those ten years went other than to know that I found my amazing wife and we found happiness, and without her I highly doubt I would be in the privileged position I am at in my life right now. I urge you to check out Emily’s practice on instagram - @effigypottery, doing so may also help give some context to the connections and activities I might discuss as time goes on.

I am ready to return wholeheartedly to my practice, which has returned to me the importance of questioning structures, parameters, and time - which is at the centre of my already sprawling MA mind map.